Streamline your supply chain with eveXso.

What we do

Easily manage your warehouse with our intuitive design.

eveXso's user interface has been optimised based on customer feedback to provide the most seamless interaction possible. The warehouse team can work entirely from their mobile device, with no need for additional hardware such as scanners - simply use your built in phone camera. Fire up eveXso Dash, our web based dashboard, on your desktop computer for a top-level view on warehouse operations.

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Optimise inventory control and improve efficiency.

Reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction

Minimise errors with seamless barcode scanning, ensuring supplied products are correct, and even validate that the correct stocking factor has been scanned. Have complete confidence in your stock levels and improve customer satisfaction with real-time inventory tracking, even during operations.

Increase efficiency with task automation

Get faster turnaround times by fully automating tasks, such as quantity entry and invoicing. Use wave picking to reduce walking distance by picking many orders at once. Have complete control over your supply chain by distributing work through zones, prioritising picks and assigning tasks to specific users.

EDI Processing

With more and more companies moving to Electronic Processing (EDI), eveXso has you covered with SSCC label generation and ASN preparation already approved with many major supermarkets and retailers. You can also receive ASN documents from your clients to improve your receiving process.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to automated warehouse management.

Zone Picking

Wave Picking

Consign and Despatch

Incoming Container Tracking

Receive and Send ASN documents

Put Away Mangement

Real Time Inventory

Replenishment Management

Stock Checking and Stocktake

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Efficiently manage your fleet and deliveries.

Take out the guess work with complete visibility of your deliveries. With real-time tracking and route optimisation, you can provide the best possible experience for your customers. eveXso houses everything your drivers need in a sleek design straight from their phone. Use eveXso Dash on your desktop to track and optimise deliveries, show ETA's, and even setup customer notifications to keep them up-to-date.

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Enhance customer experience and improve delivery performance

Route Planning and Loading

Optimise your routes using Google, create postcode zones for specific routes and more. Ensure the right goods are close to the door when the driver needs them with sequenced vehicle loading, and even set temperature zones.

Improve your Customer Service

Have complete visibility with real-time vehicle tracking. Your customer service team can see where vehicles are and where they have been. Identify in-efficiencies and improve your service by comparing the planned times with actual times.  Keep your customers up-to-date with automated SMS or email updates.

Driver and Fleet Management

Ensure drivers are prepared with pre-start forms, set reminders such as collecting and returning keys for specific customer sites. Have all you need to complete your Government Compliance reporting by creating vehicle registers, track permits and certificates, manage roadworthy checks and report faults on vehicles.

Empower your team with our user-friendly UI.

Planned or Optimised Routes

Zoned Vehicle Loading

Key Management

Capture POD

Fleet Management

Performance Reporting

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

SMS and Email Updates

Pre-start Forms

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