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Automation and integration

Streamlining your business operations.

eveXso is all about making your warehouse operations as seamless and efficient as possible. Automate countless tasks, use wave picking to process multiple orders at once, and always have complete confidence in your stock levels with barcode scanning and real-time inventory tracking. Expand your capabilities by integrating eveXso with leading apps.

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IOS and Android

All in the palm of your hands.

Using Android or iOS, you can use the device camera to scan, or, if you want something more industrial, choose any Zebra Android scanner.
At eveXso we design solutions  with an interface which is easy to follow and intuitive, ensuring your team are up and running, picking orders, in less that 5 minutes. The process workflow is customisable to your needs.

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What we do best.

Warehouse Management

eveXso offers a full featured warehouse operations platform which covers receiving, supplying and checking. We have in app notifications for internal team communication, to receive updates as the order moves through the process, and also notify customers. Automate tasks, report warehouse issues and more.

Transport Management

Our integrated transport management system is more than just collecting proof of delivery, it includes vehicle management, services and faults as well as route optimisation, vehicle loading, compliance checks, driver tracking, vehicle sales and much, much more.

Integration and Partnership

Expand your capabilities by utilising seamless integration with leading apps, such as accounting systems, freight management and ERP software. We also have a valued list of resellers. Contact us to find out more about integrating with eveXso or becoming a partner.
Our Work

Helping our customers deliver the best service to theirs.

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