if Inventory is your BUSINESS, then eveXso is your SOLUTION!


eveXso combines user centric design, familiar devices and cloud technologies to deliver a new style of WMS embraced by both users and management. Users love the speed and simplicity of the interface; Management like the real time issues reporting and information to drive efficiency.


  • Minimal interactions with your ERP speeds up both systems.
  • Prioritised work based on business needs ensures work is presented and completed how you want it completed.
  • Smart Navigation using “Scan Anything” function gets you to the screens you want to without using a menu.
  • Speed is a key driver and focus of eveXso development.


  • Familiar Devices – iPod, iPad, iPhone and web browsers.
  • Intuitive Workflow – eveXso has been designed around the doers.
  • Well designed apps fit for purpose.
  • 5 minutes training is all you need in most areas to get up and running.


  • Warehouse activities are driven by how the goods are delivered to the customer.
  • Rich statistics at keystroke level provide KPI information and drive warehouse efficiency.
  • Issues are notified and accessible in real time, e.g. Short picks and negative bins.
  • Needs based replenishment prioritises work.
  • 100% real time allows stock checking anytime to any place, including the pick face.

A Day in the life of eveXso

To show eveXso is action we thought we would ask the users to wear our blue helmet for an hour or so while performing their normal daily tasks. It showcases the following functionality:

  • Goods Receipting
  • Put Away
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Truck Loading
  • Real Time Stock Checking
  • eveXso stats for Business Intelligence Reporting


eveXso Functionality

Goods Receipt

  • Super fast receipting.
  • Receive multiple suppliers on one delivery.
  • Capture date codes.

Put Away

  • Each pallet / item becomes a put away item.
  • Licence plating for 2 scan put away.
  • Easily see what is happening in each area.


  • Smart, prioritised and colour coded replenishment tasks.
  • No need to set minimums and maximums, eveXso works out when replenishment is needed.

Stock Check

  • True, real time checking. No more work interruptions.
  • Count single locations or all product locations.
  • Super fast processing.


  • iPod with scanner or iPad interfaces
  • iPod pick and pack multiple orders concurrently
  • Pick by order, customer or run (wave picking).
  • Fast, simple and easy to use.
  • Prioritise to suit your processes.

Packing & Palletising

  • Drag and Drop packing interface.
  • Create, configure and complete pallets as you pick.
  • Print barcoded labels showing box/pallet contents.

Delivery Management

  • Sequence customers by run. Customers can be on multiple runs.
  • Notifications to transport team when a customer is added or a run is changed.


  • Load Pallets or Cartons / Packs.
  • Drag and Drop interface.
  • Compartment Loading e.g. Freezer compartment with bulkhead.

Improve service across your organisation

For Warehouse Operators

eveXso makes it easy for the warehouse operators to see what needs to be done in simple, intuitive iPad and iPod touch applications.
  • Group operators into teams or shifts. Distribute work evenly across the teams or allow specific teams to deal with specialist customer groups.
  • Filtering allows the users to further define the information they see.
  • Colour coding highlights current issues.

For Business Management

eveXso gives an instant overview of the business both with current work and historical performance. In addition to that, let’s face it, eveXso looks great.

Show your business processes off with confidence to prospective customers, attract and retain staff with the well-managed, clear workflow that everyone needs to make the day run smoothly.

For Warehouse Management

eveXso provides a number of great tools for warehouse supervisors to track and manage work within their teams.
  • Visibility of the work progress from anywhere allows the re-deployment of resources to where they are needed within the supply chain.
  • Issues in any part of the process are flagged in real time allowing faster investigation and resolution of those problems.

For Sales People

eveXso feeds back the status of sales orders in real time for the sales team to track.
  • Order filtering options allow the list of orders to be narrowed down by Company, Sales Team or just your orders. You can also filter orders by date, date range or see orders which have issues only.
  • Colour coding ensures that the progress of the order or any issues are immediately clear.
  • Get notified of issues immediately when they crop up with no manual communication from the warehouse operators, then answer or communicate with the customer quickly.

Contact eveXso

Australia and New Zealand

  • Jason Wandby +61 433 185 748