Put Away


Licence plate per pallet / put away item


Forklift drivers / warehouse staff and managers can see what items are waiting to be put away.


2 Scan Put Away - Scan Licence Plate then scan Put away location

See the Put Away process in action

eveXso Put Away

eveXso put away is super fast and super simple.

  • Clearly see what work needs to be done in each put away section
  • 2 Scan put away, scan the license plate, scan where you want to put it, confirm
  • eveXso won’t tell you where to put it, but it will tell you where the pick face is. Stock rotation is ensured in replenishment.

Scan Anything – Put Away Items

Scan Anything makes it easy to find the history of a put away item.

Simply open “Scan Anything” from the eveXso iPod main menu and scan the licence plate

  • Find out the item and quantity
  • Find out who received it and when
  • If the item has yet to be put away, initiate that process here
Scan Anything - Put Away

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